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Rev Marilyn Morgan 



Monthly Sun Signs

Daily Moon Signs

Chart Interpretations 

*Tarot / OracleCards  


*Past Lives

*Celtic Shamanism

(Deep Healing)

Rev Marilyn Morgan Psychic Medium

 Energy Healer

*As a Channel Medium her spirit guide speaks through her

*A trained Celtic Shaman ,she performs  deep healing, soul retrievals, house clearings and more.

*As a visionary, she sees the future.

 *Working with past life regression 


 *Certified in Reflexology

*Medical intuition by scanning the body and seeing  illness.


*Astrology chart interpretations, specializing in progressed charts and all areas of life evaluation.



*Tarot/oracle card reads 

Rev Marilyn can help with all areas of life. *Love *Relationships *Career *Health *Money *Psychic Development *And More...



The Sun is in a sign 30 days . It has decans that go through that element. The Moon is  in a sign for you two and a half days until it moves into the next. one....In a personal chart the Moon stays in a sign for around two and a half years. It rules how we feel at that time. 

The sun stays in a sign for 30 years or so. It shows who we are. So we have a progressed chart that is important and about the here and now.


Contact me for an in depth Astrology chart interpretation.  

Call # 810-923-3772

It can help with planning and all aspects of life.  



The archer/ Half man Half Horse. They are the essence pf travel and personal mobility. The planet is Jupiter that rules. The color is fire orange. The element is mutable fire. Sagittarius rules the 9th house of higher learning. It is also the house of foreign travel. It is about freedom,future visions, long journeys, hiking and all that is personal empowerment of autonomy. Truth, Free speech and archery is ruled under this area.

Of course it rules all horses.  


The Cardinal Earth sign that changes quick for solid matter. Ruled by Saturn,the color is black or gray. It is all about business, status and reputation.The stones are black onyx and hematite for grounding. It rules the 10th house of career and the parent who disciplines.


From The 1st till the 9th it is Sagittarius-Aries. It is atime of joy and vitality to get things done .From the 10th till the 21st it is Sagittarius-Leo. It is an expansive time of celebrations.. From the 22nd till the 30th,it is double Capricorn. The time of daylight is short. We have to work at creating the Love of the season.