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Rev Marilyn Morgan 



Monthly Sun Signs

Daily Moon Signs

Chart Interpretations 

*Tarot / OracleCards  


*Past Lives

*Celtic Shamanism

(Deep Healing)

Rev Marilyn Morgan Psychic Medium

 Energy Healer

*As a Channel Medium her spirit guide speaks through her

*A trained Celtic Shaman ,she performs  deep healing, soul retrievals, house clearings and more.

*As a visionary, she sees the future.

 *Working with past life regression 


 *Certified in Reflexology

*Medical intuition by scanning the body and seeing  illness.


*Astrology chart interpretations, specializing in progressed charts and all areas of life evaluation.



*Tarot/oracle card reads 

Rev Marilyn can help with all areas of life. *Love *Relationships *Career *Health *Money *Psychic Development *And More...


Our Blog

An ongoing series of informational entries

Recondite Art Studies


Recondite arts are hard to understand by the average mind.  They are Subjects that are obtuse. It is almost impossible to understand with  average reasoning. You have to raise your consciousness and open your mind to. do this you have to make a disciplined effort. for proper results. 

 Metaphysics  is the new age term for recondite art studies. The mysteries and studies of the art of magic and healing . Many modalities come into these terms. A-Z. 

 The Age of Aquarius  officially has ushered in an advanced enlightenment . More people are receiveing higher information downloaded from the etheric library.  It is time for everyone to develop  their intuitive abilities to use for practical purposes. 

!. Learn to meditate. 

2. Do breath work

3.Work with crystals to open to channel


This Blog is under construction.

Content to  come

Future content.

Content to come.

Content to come.

Content to come.

Content to come.

Content to Come.

Content to come.

Content to come.

Content to come

Our Second Blog Entry

More To Come

Our Third Blog Entry

Blog to come.