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The Moon is in a sign around two and a half days. ​Luna rules our feelings. She is the keeper of the dream world.Get in touch with all....

The Full Moon 


1st -Thursday- Moon in Aries is good for auto related things and starting projects.

2nd-Friday-Moon in Aries gives energy and helps with stamina and strength.

3rd- -Saturday- the Moon goes into Taurus to help with finances and money related things. 

4th-Sunday-Moon in Taurus is good for Gardening and money matters.

5th: Monday-Moon in Taurus is time for securities and balancing books.

6th : Tuesday- Moon goes into Gemini and it is good for communications .

7th:Wednesday-Moon in Gemini is good for all communications and media.

8th-Thursday-The Moon goes to Cancer half the day and it is about home and family.

9th: Friday- Moon in Cancer is good for intuition and family matters.

10th:Saturday-Moon in Cancer helps to work with psychic abilities.

11th:Sunday- Moon in Leo is good for creativity and confidence. Enjoy the day. 

12th: Monday is Good for All things with Moon in Leo. Creativity is Highlighted.

13th :Tuesday-Leo Moon goes to practical Virgo yo get organized. 

14th-Wednesday- Moon in Virgo helps with writing and studies today. It goes to Libra this afternoon.It is about balance and good for cooperation..

15th-Thursday:  lovely Libra. It is good for social graces and partnerships today.

16th-Friday- Moon in Libra is good for counseling abs decorating today. 

17th:Saturday:Libra Moon goes into Scorpio half the day. It will be good for discovery's, deep healing and transformations.

18th:Sunday: Moon in Scorpio is good for transformations and detective work today.

19th:Monday-Moon in Scorpio id good for surgeries and plumbing . It goes into Sagittarius. It is good for legal matters.

.20th: Tuesday-Moon in Sagittarius in the day frees us up. Go outside and hike. Set up travel plans.

21st:Wednesday-Moon is Sagittarius goes into Capricorn. The mood is more serious and thoughts to business.

22nd:Thursday-Moon in Capricorn is good for discipline and career matters.

23rd: Friday- Moon in Capricorn is all business. Get the hard stuff done. 

24th:Saturday- Moon in Aquarius is fun with friends and the metaphysical.

25th:Sunday- Moon in Aquarius is abut the unexpected can happen