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Rev Marilyn Morgan 



Monthly Sun Signs

Daily Moon Signs

Chart Interpretations 

*Tarot / OracleCards  


*Past Lives

*Celtic Shamanism

(Deep Healing)

Rev Marilyn Morgan Psychic Medium

 Energy Healer

*As a Channel Medium her spirit guide speaks through her

*A trained Celtic Shaman ,she performs  deep healing, soul retrievals, house clearings and more.

*As a visionary, she sees the future.

 *Working with past life regression 


 *Certified in Reflexology

*Medical intuition by scanning the body and seeing  illness.


*Astrology chart interpretations, specializing in progressed charts and all areas of life evaluation.



*Tarot/oracle card reads 

Rev Marilyn can help with all areas of life. *Love *Relationships *Career *Health *Money *Psychic Development *And More...


Daley Moon Sign transits

The Moon is in a sign around two and a half days. She progresses in our chart every two and a half years. ​Luna rules our feelings. She is the keeper of the dream world.Get in touch with your emotions with the help of Luna.


The Full Worm Moon in March is on Tuesday the 7that 7:42A.M. ET. It is in Virgo . 

1st:Wednesday-Moon in Cancer is about home and family.

2nd:Thursday-Cancer Moon helps with intuition and family matters.

3rd:Moon in Leo half way Through the day. It helps with confidence and humor.

4th:Saturday-Moon in Leo is about creativity and positvety.

5th:Moon in Leo rules Sunday. Enjoy the delight of Life today.

6th:Monday- Virgo moon organizes the day with order. 

7th: Tuesday. Moon in Virgo helps with any studies and herbal remedies.

 8th:Wednesday-Moon goes into Libra part way through the day. It is good for partners and compromise.

9th: Thursday- Moon in Libra is good for counseling, marriage and partnerships.

10th:Friday-Moon in Libra goes to mysterious Scorpio this evening. It is good for discoveries and deep healing.

11th:Saturday- Moon in Scorpio helps with detective work, plumbing matters and transformations today.

12th: Sunday-Moon in Scorpio helps with transformations and deeper healings.

13th:Monday- Moon in Scorpio goes to Sagittarius. It is about freedom and future visions.

14th:Tuesday-With Moon in Sagittarius it is good for hiking and travel.

15th: Wednesday=Moon in Sagittarius goes to Capricorn and things  are all business.

16th:Thursday-Moon in Capricorn is about discipline and karma. There are strong, hard lessons being learned now.

17th:Friday- The moon goes into Aquarius- It lightenes things up. Expect the unexpected.

18th:Saturday-Moon in Aquarius. It is about friends today. 

Flashes of ideas and inspirations today.

19th:Sunday-Moon in Aquarius goes into spiritual Pisces this Sunday. It is about the divine.

20th:Monday-Moon in Pisces is about spiritual matters.

21:Tuesday-The Sun is in Aries. Pisces Moon is about music and mysteries.

22:Wednesday-Moon goes to Aries half the day and energy picks up. Motivation is high.

23:Thursday- Moon in Aries is good for auto matters and dental work. Moon goes to Taurus and it is about finances. 

24th: Friday- Moon in Taurus is good for money matters. Things are calmer today.

25th:Saturday-Moon in Taurus is a time to start seeds and clear garden beds.