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Rev Marilyn Morgan 



Monthly Sun 


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Rev Marilyn Morgan Psychic Medium

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Daley Moon Sign transits

The Moon is in a sign around two and a half days. ​Luna rules our feelings. She is the keeper of the dream world.Get in touch with all....

The Full Moon 


1st:Friday-The Moon is in Leo and good for celebration and creativity. Happy New Year and enjoy the day.

2nd:Saturday-Moon in Leo is good for fun , movies and children as well as confidence today.

3rd: Sunday- Moon in Virgo is really good for detox, herbal cleaning, writing and organizing.

4th:Monday:-Moon in Virgo today is good for cleaning, writing and studies today. Back to school!

5th:Tuesday-Moon in Virgo and get organized, file, write. Computers are highlighted.

6th:Wednesday-Moon in Libra is good for partners, cooperation and decorating today. Balance is key. Do breath work. In the later of the day it goes into Scorpio that is good for healing.

7th:Thursday-- Moon in Libra is about the social graces, art and counseling today.

8th:Friday-Moon in Scorpio is good for surgeries, transformations and deep healing.

9th:Saturday-Scorpio goes to Sagittarius and gives a need for freedom and travel at least in the mind or on television or the internet. It is good for spiritual journeying too. 

10th:Sunday- Moon in Sagittarius gives honesty and a good climate for legal things and law.

11th:Monday-Sagittarius goes into conservative Capricorn of restrictions and disciplines. objective overviews are highlighted.

12th;Tuesday-Capricon moon is good for business . It is good for hard work requiring sustained effort.

13th:Wednesday- Moon in Capricorn goes to Aquarius in the day to free up to s any thing can happen magic. It gives genius flashes' of insights.

14th:Thursday- Moon in Aquarius gives a good base for friendships, large group causes and organizations of philanthropy.

15th:Friday-Aquarius Moon is good for unique ideas and and expecting the unexpected.

16th:Saturday-Moon in Pisces today gives a need to retreat, sleep and meditate. Take a break and rest up at home.

17th: Sunday- Moon in Pisces is good for all things spiritual and music arts today.

18th:Monday-Moon goes into action orientated Aries to give energy and a take charge attitude.

19th:Tuesday-The Moon in Aries is great for exercise, starting new projects and vitality today. 

20th:Wednesday-The Sun goes into Aquarius and the moon is still in Aries giving a great combination for strength, philanthropy and friends.

21st:Thursday-The Moon in Taurus today is good for finances and securities.