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Rev Marilyn Morgan 



Monthly Sun 


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Rev Marilyn Morgan Psychic Medium

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Daley Moon Sign transits

The Moon is in a sign around two and a half days. ​Luna rules our feelings. She is the keeper of the dream world.Get in touch with all....

The Full Moon in February

On February 27th the Full SnowMoon goes in 3:17 am.EST. It is in Virgo and time to clean it up, organize, cleanse and write.


Jan 31st:Sunday-Moon in Virgo gives a need for organizing.


1st:Monday-The Moon goes to Libra so it about partners and about counseling.

2nd:Tuesday- Moon in Libra is good for cooperation, decorating and art.

3rd:Wednesday and the Moon gets moody and deep in Scorpio half through the day. Good for head work and deep healing.

4th:Thursday-Moon in Scorpio is good for surgery. and plumbing.

5th:Friday-Moon in Scorpio is good for discovery and transformations.

6th:Saturday-Moon in Sagittarius is good for virtual Tavel and hiking social distance wise.

7th:Sunday-Moon in Sagittarius is good for higher learning and discernment. Future visions are highlighted.

8th:Monday-Moon in Capricorn is all business. Get hard work done.

9th:Tuesday-Moon in Capricorn is good for discipline and getting things cemented in place.

10th:Wednesday-Moon in Aquarius is good for friends, genius ideas and philanthropy.

11th:Thursday- Moon in Aquarius says expect the unexpected.

12th:Friday-Moon goes into Pisces helps to have us go with in, rest up and meditate.

13th:Saturday-Moon in Pisces is and is is all about spirit and intuitions today.

14th:Sunday--the Moon goes to Aries part way through the day. Energy picks up. Time to get things done.

15th:Monday-Moon in Aries today.This is a good day to get car work done, start new projects and have the strength to do what is needed.

16thT :Tuesday-Moon in Aries is about new beginnings 

17th:Wednesday-Moon in Taurus is about security and financial security.

18th:ThursdayMoon in Taurus is a time for things to calm down and for financial matters.

19th:Friday-Sun  goes into Pises today. The Moon goes into social and communicative Gemini. Multitasking id highlighted.