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My Services

Multiple Modalities are used to get a positive outcome to enlighten, inform and transform you and your life,

Hour Reading and Healing 

A Holistic channeled reading answering questions, looking to the future, talking with the other side, with Tarot Oracle cards or with out.  Shamanic healing with Chakra balance . Exorcisms take a full hour usually.

Half Hour Reading and healing

Same as an hour but shorter.

House Clearing and Blessing 

Smudge, ceremony and holy water is used to clear a house and bless it. 

Astrology Chart Interpretation.

Using Birth Date, time and place a birth and progressed chart is done. 

Gift Certificate

Buy a gift certificate for a reading or healing. 

Event Readings and Healing

In person and social distanced, performing a variety  of healing and reading techniques  see me at events. You can schedule a an appointment ahead or meet me there. 

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