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Rev Marilyn Morgan 



Monthly Sun 


Chart Interpretations 

Tarot -Oracle      




Rev Marilyn Morgan Psychic Medium

 Energy Healer


My Services

Multiple Modalities are used to get a positive outcome to enlighten, inform and transform you and your life,

Hour Reading and Healing 

A Holistic channeled reading answering questions, looking to the future, talking with the other side, with Tarot Oracle cards or with out.  Shamanic healing with Chakra balance . Exorcisms take a full hour usually. Special seasonal price of  $90.00

Half Hour Reading and healing

Same as an hour but shorter

Seasonal price $60.00.

House Clearing and Blessing 

Smudge, ceremony and holy water is used to clear a house and bless it. $60.00

Astrology Chart Interpretation.

Using Birth Date, time and place a birth and progressed chart is done. 

Gift Certificate

Buy a gift certificate for a reading or healing. 

Event Readings and Healing

In person and social distanced, performing a variety  of healing and reading techniques  see me at events. You can schedule a an appointment ahead or meet me there. 

What our customers are saying

Rev Marilyn did predictive work at an event for me. She recorded it. She told me to return in two years and it all will come to pass. It did. She made a believer of me. Sue Janes. 

Marilyn Morgan LLC